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The aesthetic benefits of teeth whitening are obvious – you have a better-looking smile, aren’t afraid to be in family photos, and you’re more likely to take care of your teeth when they’re perfectly white as compared to when they’re stained by coffee or tobacco.
However, there as psychological benefits of teeth whitening as well.

Let’s look at a few of these benefits:

•More confidence in job interviews: Studies have shown that people with a clean, white smile go into job interviews with far more confidence than those who don’t.
•More confidence in dating: This is a bit obvious, but other studies have shown that people with a white smile have a much easier time dating, and find more success in that realm. A white smile helps people be more outgoing and engaging.
•You’re perceived to be more successful: People often associate a white smile with professional and financial success, according to Dr. Gary Nishimura, D.D.S.

Professional teeth whitening is often looked upon as a purely aesthetic procedure, but if you’re at the point in your life where you need extra confidence in certain areas of your life, teeth whitening may be able to help. A white, clean smile helps you project an air of confidence, and has been proven to provide you with a more positive outlook on life.

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