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At Smiles on the Run, we are your local teeth whitening experts. We use the latest LED technology to ensure precise, fast, and effective treatment. But any teeth whitening treatment can be sabotaged with poor or improper aftercare. Here are some tips to keep your freshly-whitened teeth their brightest.

There are certain foods and beverages that can cause staining in teeth at any time. But in the period following a whitening treatment, it is particularly important to avoid things can leave stains. Of course there are the usual suspects like coffee, dark sauces like tomato sauce and soy sauce, and red wine. Here are some you might not think of, though:

– Curry. While not necessarily dark in color, curry powder can cling to the surface of your teeth. This can tint your teeth yellow or orange, which of course you don’t want.

– Pickles. Pickles can cause problems because of their high acid content. After all, they are what they are because of being brined in vinegar. Acid causes damage to teeth, leaving them prone to staining.

– Refined carbs. Lots of the “junk” food we eat contains refined carbs. These contribute to discoloration, especially when they are tinted yellow or orange. Their high sugar content also helps them contribute to tooth decay by feeding cavity-causing bacteria.

In addition to avoiding problematic foods, it is important to maintain great oral hygiene. Be sure to brush twice a day, floss daily, and rinse your mouth with water after eating. In this way, your whitening from Smiles on the Run will be as effective as possible. To learn more about any of our teeth-whitening services, please call us at 713-909-0675 today!