Getting married soon? Have a job interview or an important date coming up? A big event you need to attend? Want to look and feel your best? Want to take years off your face and smile? For your whitest teeth and a beautiful smile, Smiles on the Run is your professional teeth whitening solution in The Woodlands, Houston, and Katy, Texas. How do we do it? Well, at Smiles on the Run, we know smiles. It’s our line of treatment and products that get you a bright, white smile in about 15 minutes. Our revolutionary teeth whitening technology is the latest in the market. Whitening your teeth has never been faster or easier. Of all the dental whitening treatments (laser whitening, whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, whitening gel and trays, etc.), Smiles on the Run offers one of the safest and fastest light-activated, bleach-free teeth whitening available.


Our Mission is

To provide our clients with the most dramatic teeth whitening transformations.

To provide a high-quality, affordable teeth whitening service in The Woodlands, Houston, and Katy, Texas, that matches and exceeds any dental surgery or clinic.

To ensure the least amount of sensitivity possible while whitening. We have gone to great lengths to ensure this.

How can we say we are the “best teeth whitener”?

Professional teeth bleaching system whitens teeth by an average of 8 shades giving you a “makeover smile” that can last for as long as a year with regular maintenance. We have accomplished exceptional results without using bleach. Yes, our lines of products are bleach-free. If you have sensitive teeth (or a single sensitive tooth), you will be happy to know that at Smiles on the Run, our gels have 17.5% to 22% peroxide. This means you will not experience any sensitivity. We activate our whitening gel with a safe blue LED light to safely and effectively accelerate the teeth whitening process. Just gel and light – and about 15 to 30 minutes – for your brightest, healthiest smile.